Gift for Her – Rechargeable Facial LED Mask 7 Colors LED Photon Therapy Beauty Mask Skin Rejuvenation Home Face Lifting Whitening Beauty Device


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Introducing our Facial LED Mask, a perfect gift for both him and her. This high-quality mask is designed to provide multiple benefits for the skin, making it a great addition to any skincare routine.

Made of medical-grade ABS material, this mask is non-irritating, non-toxic, and non-allergic, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience. Its ergonomic design fits the face perfectly, allowing for a comfortable and painless treatment.

The Facial LED Mask features 86 LED lights that emit different colors to target specific skin concerns. The red light (630nm) helps improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles, and promote deep repair. The blue light (470nm) calms the skin, balances oil production, and controls acne. The yellow light (590nm) detoxifies the skin and improves roughness, while the green light (520nm) balances water and oil levels and soothes the spirit. Additionally, the purple light treats acne and removes acne marks, the cyan light enhances metabolism and energy, and the laser light breaks down stains and improves fine lines.

This mask is lightweight, weighing only 290g, and can be used while standing, sitting, or lying down. It is powered by a 400mAh battery, which can be fully charged in just 1-1.5 hours and provides approximately 30-40 minutes of usage time. The charging process is indicated by a flashing red light, and a steady red light indicates a full charge.

Please note that this mask should not be used while charging to avoid any potential short circuits. It is also important not to look directly at the LED lights to prevent discomfort. Pregnant women, children, individuals with thyroid disease, mild allergies, or those using medications that can cause allergies should refrain from using this mask.

To achieve the best results, we recommend using professional skincare products in conjunction with the Facial LED Mask. The LED lights promote the absorption of skincare products, enhancing their effectiveness.

With its numerous benefits and user-friendly design, our Facial LED Mask is a fantastic gift choice for anyone looking to improve their skincare routine. Order yours today and experience the transformative power of LED light therapy.