Cartoon Pet Bed – Foldable and Removable – Deep Sleep Cat Bed for Small Dogs and Cats – Washable and Cozy Pet Sleeping Bed


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__Comfortable touch, pets love to sleep on it
__Cute animal ear design, it is a nice looking bed
__With a pompom, brings joy to your cat
__Detachable cushion, easy to clean
__Removable double-sided pad
__High rebound without collapse, Soft fabrics as clouds, skin-friendly, breathable and comfortable
__Cat sleeps at ease,The semi-closed package shape conforms to the hiding nature of cats

__Product information:size length*width*high

This pet bed is designed with your pet’s comfort in mind. It features a soft and comfortable touch that pets love to sleep on. The cute animal ear design adds a nice touch to the bed, making it a stylish addition to your home. The bed also comes with a pompom, which brings joy to your cat.

Cleaning the bed is a breeze, thanks to its detachable cushion. The cushion can be easily removed and cleaned, ensuring that your pet always has a clean and fresh place to sleep. The bed also comes with a removable double-sided pad, providing extra comfort for your pet.

The high rebound without collapse feature ensures that the bed maintains its shape even after prolonged use. The soft fabrics used in the bed are as comfortable as clouds, making it a cozy spot for your pet to relax. The bed is also skin-friendly, breathable, and comfortable, ensuring that your pet sleeps at ease.

The semi-closed package shape of the bed conforms to the hiding nature of cats, providing them with a sense of security and privacy.

Product Information:
– Size S: 31*30*28cm
– Size M: 40*40*32cm
– Size L: 48*45*37cm

Choose the perfect size for your pet and give them the comfort they deserve with this high-quality pet bed.