Shiatsu Electric Foot Leg Blood Massager Machine EMS TENDS Circulation Booster




Shiatsu Electric Foot Leg Blood Massager Machine EMS TENDS Circulation Booster

⭐Soft and Comfortable Yoga Mat Material Footpad、Soft and Comfortable Yoga Mat Material Footpad

⭐Intelligent speed change button, can adjust vibration speed according to own comfort level to achieve better massage effect.

⭐Stimulate the muscles of the feet and calves with low frequency pulse (EPS/EMS) technology to promote blood circulation and relax the feet

⭐Infrared heating and vibration massage, providing you a perfect foot massage experience.

⭐6 modes, 10 levels of intensity adjustment; 15-minute automatic cycle mode; Double wave variable frequency



1. Magnet Therapy

Using artificial magnet field to dredge your meridian standpoints and ill cell

2. Vibrating Massage

Stimulate your foot and promote blood circulation to relieve your tired

3. Heat Acupunctura Therapy

The heat can go deep into your tissue which can destroy the ill tissue and alleviate inflammation

4. Infrared Lay Therapy

Activate the bio-molecule in your body which promote physiological circulation and help absorb magnet



1、Product Size: 31.5cm x 31.5cm

2、Material: PU Leather

3、Color: Black

4、Functions: Plantar Physiotherapy,Massage,Stimulating Acupoint.Relieve Pain and Fatigue

5、6 Modes: Massage + Kneading,Pound and Press,Massage,Kneading,Press,Thump

6、Separate mainframe, footpads can be cleaned with wet cloth

7、Power by: AAA battery (not include)

Package Content:

1 x Foot Massager Mat

1 X Remote Control

1 X User Manual






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