Neck Magnetic Wrap Brace Heat Therapy Support Belt Self Heating Tourmaline pain relief




Self heating Magnetic Neck Brace 

Our self heating magnetic neck brace helps relieve the pain caused by neck stiffness, sprain, tension etc…

Self heating therapy naturally gives comfort and helps with the pains in the neck area

MAGNETIC Heat Therapy provides instant relief from neck pain and tension, headaches as the natural effects of the tourmaline heats the area of the body by emitting far-infrared heat. 3 natural magnets helps stimulate blood circulation to reduce swelling and helps with soft tissue healing.

Using our neck support/ brace provides long-lasting heating effect as well as neck support. The reinforced neoprene makes it more supportive and less restrictive product to use and can be worn anytime and you can carry on with your normal day to day activities

Unisex product – Suitable for men and women and one size fits all. Up to 17” neck

Uses high quality neoprene with stretch nylon on both sides and Velcro straps for an adjustable and comfortable fit.

Starts to work in approx 10-20 minutes and can be worn up to 3 hours at a time.

Relieves neck pain caused by:

  1. Injuries including sprains, cricked neck and stiffness
  2. Awkward sleeping
  3. Inflammation
  4. Arthritis
  5. Tension
  6. Rheumatism


Care instructions :

  1. Gentle hand wash in warm water. 
  2. Do not use detergent. 
  3. Rinse thoroughly and drip dry. 


You may also use wet towel to clean the product, which helps the maintenance of tourmaline material. 




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Hot/Cold Therapy, Magnetic, Self Heating


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